From the little one

Sydney decided as soon as she saw this that she needed to blog about it. (Does this say anything about my parenting?) So without any further adieu, straight from the mouth of a four-year-old:

I was going to put the angel on my playhouse that I just painted today, but I saw the spider! Then I decided that it was close to me and then I wanted to climb up, but it was a little bit far, so I decided to not go in the playhouse door because if I walk where the spider was, it will crawl on me and I will be dead and die. (I swear I didn't tell her that.) And I love my whole family so, so much and I don't want to die. So then I goed inside and told my mom so she could come and see the spider and my Mommy saw it and she said, "Daddy should kill it." So it won't get on me. So now I go on my computer blog and we blogged the spider's picture on the computer blog. Now I have to do learning time. I love my Daddy and Elle. And Mommy, too. And myself. The End.

So, there you have it. Sydney's first official post. She is already bragging about it.
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