A few new uses for sticky tape

Well, Sydney is now obsessed with sticky tape, (thanks Dora). Last night she cut up one of David's bookmarks and brought it to me and told me she needed sticky tape so she could fix it. When the door was broken on our car she told me that I just needed to get some sticky tape to fix it. (To think how much work David could have saved himself had he just used sticky tape!) But, my favorite story is yet to come....

The other day I was in the bathroom getting dressed. Sydney and I had just both gotten out of the shower and she was in her panties and sitting on her tricycle (which she rides everywhere now) . As I was getting dressed, I went to put on my bra and she said, "Mommy, are those your boobies?" I thought for a second and said, "Well, yes they are," hoping that would stop this particular line of questioning. She looked down at herself and then looked back at me and said, "Mommy, I need sticky tape to put my boobies on." And, that is where I lost all composure. So, if you know someone who is ready to get a boob job make sure you tell them to save their money because all is required is a roll of sticky tape. Then, today in Wal-Mart she lifted her dress and said "Everyone look at my boobies." Yikes! I assure you she is not hearing that from her mother.

Sydney actually did really well in ballet this week. She is obsessed with Miss Becktiny (aka Miss Brittney) and said she had a secret to tell her, but she couldn't share it with me. Tomorrow we're hoping to start level II Parent-Tot swim classes. We never got a call back saying if they were full or not, so we're just going to show up and play dumb and hope they let us in.

Sydney has also decided this week that she wants a chocolate baby brother and won't take no for an answer. I guess we'll worry about that one come May. For right now the baby is a size of a grape. My next appoinment isn't until November 2, so until then we just sit and wait. The whole picture upload on this isn't working right now, so sorry for the lack of photos.