He isn't crawling...

But he definitely isn't staying where we put him, either.

See that blanket? He started out on top of it. (But, he needed to get his cars from the blanket to the floor in order to make them roll, so, he did.)

It is all about a boy and his cars!

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Last day of Kindergarten...up next, 2nd grade!

What a fun year! Syd has done great, and was actually sad that today was her last day of school. I have assured her that in two days, that sadness will go away as she is sleeping in and playing in the pool.

She has spent the last six weeks going to first grade for math and literacy. This morning we had a meeting with her acceleration team and they recommended she skip second grade. I have to admit, before the meeting David and I were both completely against the idea. But, during the meeting they told us she is testing at a 3.7 for math (third grade, seventh month) and 3.0 and 3.1 for reading (third grade and third grade, first month). The only thing holding her back in her reading is her writing fluency, but even that has drastically improved in the last six weeks. They assured us she was a quick learner and is proficient in writing for the end of first grade. Luckily, her 1st grade teacher is looping up to 2nd, so she will be moving with her. During that meeting David and I both changed our minds (and I realized my main reason for not wanting to move her up is that she will be at home for one less year.)

After the meeting, I ran over to Sonic and grabbed her lunch. She was happy to both have a Sonic meal, as well as have Mom to eat it with her. (I even got invited out on the playground.)

Here she is with Mrs. Goessens (who has been AMAZING!) We took her an end of the year gift of a TCBY gift card, along with a 12 pack of Diet Rite Zero, which she drinks everyday at lunch. She loved both.

Here is my little kindergartener, walking out a second grader!

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Recital Sneak Peek

Here are a few of Elle's pictures from the dress rehearsal the other night...the song is "Just Can't Wait to be King" More recital pics to come soon!


Want new recipes?

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