Hoping for answers

Today we are in Kansas City.

One hospitalization in January for a kidney infection.  

The day we got there (chubby baby= IV in the head)

The day we left.

And a surgery six weeks later to remove a cyst from his bladder (which got him a little bit of local attention.)

Only to come back six weeks later (which we knew might happen, but hoped it wouldn't). Poor Corbin has had a tough start. He takes antibiotics every day, and a fever for him means going straight to the ER (which we have only had to worry about once.) But, today we are at Mercy Children's Hospital in KC, hoping a pediatric urologist has some answers. Our little guy will be undergoing sedation (which made him super crabby last time) and testing. Then, on to an afternoon appointment with a doctor. We are just so grateful they got him an appointment in a mater of weeks (opposed to the months Little Rock was willing to wait.)

So, if you have a minute, all prayers on his behalf are welcome. We love this smiley little guy, and just want him to feel better for good.