Totally missed it...

but I guess my 100th blog post was me whining about having to type with a wii remote. Now that I think about it, me whining is actually a totally fitting 100th post. Anyway, to the more important stuff.

David is away home teaching which means I have the computer. The girls are napping (but not before peeing in the floor, a little screaming, paper airplane making, wearing mom's shoes around, you know - typical Sunday behavior) so I have a few minutes to put up some pics from the last month using a real computer. Hopefully our new hard drive will be here soon and I will have my computer back. I spent some time lusting over a Mac at BestBuy yesterday, but I don't know that David would ever find the place for one in his heart. Plus, "Dr." Hufford visited us this afternoon and said it looks like our computer just has a nasty virus. If you haven't ever sat around and watched a bunch of computer geeks try and figure out what is wrong with a computer, I highly recommend it. There were only two present, but, a third got called in via phone. I'm pretty sure it was like a game for them and pretty entertaining for me, but I digress and I did promise pictures.

Mother's Day:

And, in case you can't read it the cookie cake, decorated by Sydney, it says, "Happy Valentine's Mommy Day"

Costume Day:

Costumes finally arrived, and the girls were sooo excited. They are dancing to "Mama I'm a Big Girl Now" (edited to be four-year-old appropriate, of course) and they are so sassy, but none as much as my little firecracker.

1 Year Appointment:

For some reason, I had my camera in my bag at Elle's 1 year appointment. So, here are pictures of her and her cherry flavored stick, which I'm sure is the reason both of my children get giddy when they pull up to the pediatrician's office (although grape is the flavor of choice among my tongue depressor connoisseurs.) She was 18 lbs and I'm not remembering the inches, but she was 5% for weight and 75% for height. Hated her shots, but ran no fever. She is growing fine, loves her fruits and most of her veggies, hates mac and cheese much to her daddy's dismay, and still has the teradactyl screech (which we are all hoping disappears at any moment.)

And, David is home, so blogging for now is done.


A Quick Post

David is helping someone move this morning and I have a few seconds with a real computer and a few pictures. Not being able to blog lately, I realize just how much I truly love blogging. It lets the writer in me escape for just a few seconds, and helps me remember the favorite parts of my day and laugh at the not-so-favorite parts. (I also like ignoring the dishes and dirty diapers for a few minutes, too!)

Sydney is out of preschool for the summer and I find that welcoming for the moment. I was honestly so tired of driving across the stupid road work and spending a good 45 minutes in the car every day just to get her to and from preschool for three hours. At the end, that only left me about 2 hours to get anything done, which seemed so short if I had an errands to run or if Elle decided that it wasn't a napping day. Anyway, instead of rushing around, now our mornings look something more like this:

I'm already fretting over the fact that in only a year I'll be getting ready to send her to kindergarten. Yes, my little chick will be leaving the house five days a week in a short 14 months. Get the chocolate ready because I fully intend on eating myself into a chocolate stupor when that day comes (and I think little sister will be right there with me.)


We are not dead

But I think our computer definitely belongs in ICU. As I sit here typing this one letter at a time with the wii remote I'm thinking it is time to do some bartering. This is so much slower than texting and I have so much to tell you. sigh.