No one told me...

How hard it is to get three children to look in the same direction and smile all at the same time!

Good thing they're cute.


Elle is in school!

Here I am, playing catch-up again. Elle started school (really Mother's Day Out, but she calls it school) in September.  When I first took her she said, "Mom, this is my school. It's not for babies!"

And a baby she is not, but she does love playing with the babies - probably her favorite toy at school.

Here she is with her Daddy at open house.

Meeting her teacher.  

And this picture is her actual first day of school. She is ready with her Dora backpack, Elephant lunchbox, and of course, a  baby.

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Pig Sooie!

We took the girls tailgating in the beginning of the football season. They loved seeing all of the cheerleaders, and of course meeting the Razorback. They also got their faces painted. Of all of the Razorback options, Elle chose Elmo and proceeded to play face painting for the next two months. In her shop you could choose Elmo or a Razorback, and if you didn't choose Elmo, she would choose him for you.

Pumpkin Patch


Our early October trip to McGarrah farms pumpkin patch.  

Pumpkin Patch (our second round)

Elle chased the goats.

Sydney thought they were stinky.


Elle gathering gourds.

And, the cow train. Daddy said it was a bit bumpy.