The Napping Bird

A couple of weeks ago my parents brought up a twin size bed for Sydney, who was still sleeping with Mom or Dad. (Bad, I know, I know - I'm just a spineless jellyfish)

So, thanks to an idea from another mom at a playdate at the park, the Napping Bird has been visiting our house. The Napping Bird only comes when you are napping, and if you wake up and get out of bed, he goes away. The reason you want the napping bird to come is that he leaves you treats.

On the first night, the Napping Bird left a yummy chocolate that happens to be "her" favorite treat on Sydney's pillow. I woke up to "Mommy, Mommy, look what the napping bird brought me!" So, she ate her chocolate. A few minutes later she said she needed to write the Napping Bird a thank you note. I'm thinking, what a polite little girl - I've done such a great job. I get her a card, she "writes" in it and then I asked her what it said. She read, "Dear Napping Bird, Thanks for the chocolate but I really like suckers." So, that afternoon this Napping Bird went promptly to Wal-Mart and retrieved a bag of suckers.


Scaring it dead

On a walk several weeks ago Sydney was playing with a Praying Mantis. Daddy was playing with her and growling. She promptly said, "Daddy, quit. You are going to scare him dead!"