She talks.

Three hours at Walmart for new tires yielded a few trips to the bathroom. (What else are you going to do when you don't actually need to do any shopping?)

Every time -
E: Yay, Mommy. Good job. (little hands clapping)

Leaving the bathroom:

E: Mommy, go potty like big girl! Good job. Yay! (more hand clapping.)

Thanks, kid. Now, just in case there was ever any doubt, everyone in Walmart knows I just went to the bathroom.


A dream come true

Finally, Sydney's dream came true - she got to meet Cinderella! 

These pictures are all from the "Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade."

She did not like the evil step mother. See her pointing at the camera? She was actually pointing at Sydney because she was wearing a Cinderella dress. At another point in the park she actually called her "pathetic" in true evil step-mother-style. 

Then, came Cinderella and Prince Charming. See Sydney dolling it up for them? She loved seeing them, no mater how many times we ran across them. Then, Cinderella blew her a kiss. And, of course, it is only proper etiquette to blow a kiss back, right?



I'm Feeling:

Hungry. Very Hungry.

Now, I know what all of those starving actresses feel like. I totally get why they have no qualms dropping $500 on a pair of shoes - it is their attempt to forget about how great it would be just to have a piece of chocolate. Anyone have a spare $500 to donate to my cause?

Really, I'd just like a piece of pizza. The kind oozing with cheese and dripping with some greasy, fat bearing pepperoni. Mmm. Oh, and one mustn't forget the carb-loaded white flour crust. While I'm dreaming, make it a thick crust  - might as well go all out at this point.

I think I might gag if I see another 2% cheese stick.

The almonds aren't too bad, they just would be much tastier sunk into a hunk of milk chocolate.

Oh, and romaine lettuce, how I LOATHE THEE. You and your sugar free jello friend really can take a hike. Wait, wait. Come back, I was only kidding. I can't shun you, too. I really might starve if it weren't for you. And really, I have no social life this week. How many social activities have I skipped this week just because I knew there would be sugar and carb loaded foods there?? Ahh, too many to count.

My skinny jeans better fit a little looser next week. I'm just sayin'.


M: Sydney, sit and finish your breakfast.
S: I'm drawing something alarming about dogs.


Her own style

One thing that says it all about my Syd- her sense if style. She has an entire drawer full of matching jammies, yet she always chooses a top and bottom from different sets. Love her!

Big plans, gone awry.

So, I ditching my plans of catching up on Christmas and all of the details in between. It is really NEVER going to happen, and I am just procrastinating on the things that are happening now. And I have lots of things to do, like taxes, and dance costumes, and playing with my girls, so we are just going to move forward. There. I said it, it is done. No more worrying about catching up. Plus, my Christmas pictures are lost somewhere in computer land. They are there, I'm just not sure where.


A long winter's nap...

Sometimes they are so peaceful...


and so sweet. Notice the smiley face on her thumb? She drew that because her sister was crying and she wanted to make her happy. 


Aren't they wonderful??

Chinese food

At the Chinese restaurant drive through window:

S: Hey Mom, did you see that guys face? He looks like he is Chinese or something.

M: He is.

S: No, I mean he looks like he lives in China.

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Now that she is five

she can:

- put lids on things
- cut things (like vegetables)
- fix her own drink (she could only do this sometimes when she was four)
- draw things better
- dance better
- be a good friend

Just in case you were wondering exactly what a five year old can do.


You get the best of both worlds...

Sydney's birthday was three days before we left for Disney, so originally we said no party this year (hello - isn't a birthday celebrated at Disney World a party in and of itself?) But, after much begging and pleading we agreed to a small non-party. Think of it as a glorified playdate with cake.

Two friends from dance came - Taylor and Gracely. They played house, they made necklaces, they watched "Hannah Montana the Movie,"  they trashed the bedroom. Oh, and then there was the pizza and cake, on Hannah Montana Plates, of course. And Miss Sydney requested a strawberry cake, with real strawberries.

What started out with a little harmless whipped cream on the nose...

Ended up as one lotiony mess.

They had a great time, but after 5.5 hours of playing, and a clock that said 11:30 p.m., they still weren't ready to call it quits.

What a fun non-party. Maybe we will repeat next year.