A Bug's world

We love our little Elle. Here are some things we can't get enough of right now. First off, those toes! We get to look at them a lot, because she will barely keep her shoes on - there are usually three pair in the car at any given time.

This is a Wadybug.

And so is this.

About the black kind of wadybug -  she loves to stomp them (or try...seems she can only catch the dead ones.) But, she has to put on Daddy's shoes first. No way is she going to risk getting bug juice on her little feet.

We don't get far without her blanket. And, it has to be THIS blanket, no substitutions allowed. Oh, and her two babies (which are both named Ella.)

And, we've almost gotten rid of that thing in her mouth - which Daddy decided would be a good idea to work on just before he left town for three days. Convenient. Without it, it is amazing what she can say. Some of her favorite phrases:
  • Me first.
  • I'll race you. 
  • My turn.
  • I'm angry!
  • Pidney (Sydney), you bossy.
  • He/she/it being mean.
  • Mama, I need help. Come here, I show you.
  • You're stinky!
  • I poot.
  • I don't wike that!
  • I need the iphone.

Ask her what her name is and she'll tell you - Pidney. And how old is she?  5.


Cousin Numero Dos

June is the month of babies! Meet cousin #2 - Ava. She was born last night around 6:15 - 7.1 lbs, 19 inches. So, basically my siblings both grown smaller babies than I do. (I also have to say that they should be the ones with the bigger babies...they're taller for Pete's sake!) Sydney said she thinks it is more fun to look at her heartbeat picture (translation, ultrasound) and Elle insists that this is baby Sam. We'll get it all straightened out soon! So, in just a few weeks, the girls have doubled their cousin count and are WAAAY excited.



The other night David and I were laying in bed talking, just a few minutes after putting the girls in bed. We heard thumping, which we assumed was Syd getting comfortable. (If she isn't tired enough to go right to sleep she spends a good 10 minutes kicking her wall while trying to get comfy.) I commented to David that Elle must be asleep, because we hadn't heard from her (she is a little less than sneaky when she gets out of bed.) Then, we heard some shuffling of feet down the hallway. We looked up, and there stood two giggling girls - in princess gowns. I asked, "Did you miss the memo that it's bedtime?" to which Sydney replied, "No silly, it's not bedtime, it's time for a play date!" And then there were four of us in our bed.



S: Do I have Dad's hair?

M: Yes.

S: Do I have the same part in my hair as him?

M: Yes.

S: Well, I have his boobies, too - they're small, not like yours.


Dead Bird Story

Ok, here it is. The story with the now dead flying things. From the picture, it is like he already knows his fate.

Once upon a time, a sweet little momma bird built a nest in a tree. As it turns out, sweet little momma bird should really be named stupid little momma bird, because she forgot one important thing - you need to build your nest straight. Sure, while they were just eggs, life was good. But, my dear, eggs don’t have legs. Once they did, that is where the problems began. Sydney and her friends first discovered the nest because there was a baby bird laying on the ground. With some help, he found his way home. But, the next morning guess who had been exploring again? Yep, egg with legs was on the ground. So, back into the nest he went with his little feathered friends. The next morning, Sydney went over to the tree, expecting to find her fine feathered friend, and find him she did. Or at least parts of him...

The moral of this story, folks, is to always build your nest straight.

The end.


Summer Vacation

Very soon, we're taking a little vacation. Sydney is so excited and can't wait for the day to get here. She thinks we should leave tomorrow. This is her "summer vacation" and in her mind, it is going to be something far beyond marvelous. Earlier this week, she decided to take it upon herself to pack her bag. And, as with most of her plans, she enlisted her sister. So, this morning I unpacked their bags (as we aren't really all that close to being ready to leave) and here is what I found.

  • Six baby dolls
  • Elle's favorite blanket
  • Five pairs of pajamas for each of them
  • Sunglasses
  • One Key

So, if you need help packing for your upcoming trip, just let us know!


We have a cousin!!

This morning at 12:28 a.m. Samuel was born. Sydney tried to wait up, but went to sleep a little earlier. This morning Elle has been carrying my phone around showing dolls and anyone who will listen Baby Sam. Congrats Stacey and David!!


Some things in our yard

On the off chance that we actually sell our house, I will bring this rose bush with me...

Our little friends from the pear tree (very dead friends now, but that is another story.)


Water Bug!

Elle just finished her first round of swim lessons. She can kick, make bubbles with her mouth, and go underwater. Way to go Bug! We start back again the first Saturday in June.


Still Celebrating!

For her real birthday party, we had to have giraffes. In the picture above, she had just woken up from her nap and walked into the decorated kitchen. Balloons, giraffes, CAKE?? She was excited and had to go outside to get "Pidney" and Papa to come and show them what she had found.

Singing "Happy to You" to herself.

And her favorite gift of the day, a dress! And, it wasn't just any dress, it had pockets!

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Birthdays are fun!

Elle turned two on April 29. Her party was delayed due to a baby shower and then a dance competition, so we did what we could to make the actual day special for her. 

She woke up to her bedroom floor covered in balloons. Despite the picture, she was actually thrilled and spent most of the next couple days playing with her balloons. 

We had breakfast at the doughnut shop. Nothing says birthday like chocolate milk and chocolate doughnuts.

Mom was on crutches, but some friends brought us dinner and a birthday cake. Really, doesn't she look happy? She squealed when we got out her plates "My pates, my pates!" I had taken her to Walmart the day before and let her pick out dinner plates (yellow), napkins (blue), and cake plates (hot pink.)  Why settle for one color? She was thrilled and then really knew it was her "happy to you" when she got to use them.

And, her favorite gift of the night.....chapstick. She tried on every flavor, and with each new one would say, "not done yet!"

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