A Bug's world

We love our little Elle. Here are some things we can't get enough of right now. First off, those toes! We get to look at them a lot, because she will barely keep her shoes on - there are usually three pair in the car at any given time.

This is a Wadybug.

And so is this.

About the black kind of wadybug -  she loves to stomp them (or try...seems she can only catch the dead ones.) But, she has to put on Daddy's shoes first. No way is she going to risk getting bug juice on her little feet.

We don't get far without her blanket. And, it has to be THIS blanket, no substitutions allowed. Oh, and her two babies (which are both named Ella.)

And, we've almost gotten rid of that thing in her mouth - which Daddy decided would be a good idea to work on just before he left town for three days. Convenient. Without it, it is amazing what she can say. Some of her favorite phrases:
  • Me first.
  • I'll race you. 
  • My turn.
  • I'm angry!
  • Pidney (Sydney), you bossy.
  • He/she/it being mean.
  • Mama, I need help. Come here, I show you.
  • You're stinky!
  • I poot.
  • I don't wike that!
  • I need the iphone.

Ask her what her name is and she'll tell you - Pidney. And how old is she?  5.

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Lovin my bug!!