Dead Bird Story

Ok, here it is. The story with the now dead flying things. From the picture, it is like he already knows his fate.

Once upon a time, a sweet little momma bird built a nest in a tree. As it turns out, sweet little momma bird should really be named stupid little momma bird, because she forgot one important thing - you need to build your nest straight. Sure, while they were just eggs, life was good. But, my dear, eggs don’t have legs. Once they did, that is where the problems began. Sydney and her friends first discovered the nest because there was a baby bird laying on the ground. With some help, he found his way home. But, the next morning guess who had been exploring again? Yep, egg with legs was on the ground. So, back into the nest he went with his little feathered friends. The next morning, Sydney went over to the tree, expecting to find her fine feathered friend, and find him she did. Or at least parts of him...

The moral of this story, folks, is to always build your nest straight.

The end.

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I'm glad to see you are continuing an old Rieske family tradition. When Syd's daddy was five we has a family of Swallows move into our front door alcove. My vote was for the hose treatment, but David veto'ed that.

Since Swallows are very territorial we used the back door only for the next two months.

Swallows come back to where they are born to next, and by the time we moved two years later we had two nests.

All ended well though. The lady who bought the house was Korean, and saw the swallows as a sign of good luck. She paid our full asking price with no negotiating at all.
Dad Rieske d