Birthdays are fun!

Elle turned two on April 29. Her party was delayed due to a baby shower and then a dance competition, so we did what we could to make the actual day special for her. 

She woke up to her bedroom floor covered in balloons. Despite the picture, she was actually thrilled and spent most of the next couple days playing with her balloons. 

We had breakfast at the doughnut shop. Nothing says birthday like chocolate milk and chocolate doughnuts.

Mom was on crutches, but some friends brought us dinner and a birthday cake. Really, doesn't she look happy? She squealed when we got out her plates "My pates, my pates!" I had taken her to Walmart the day before and let her pick out dinner plates (yellow), napkins (blue), and cake plates (hot pink.)  Why settle for one color? She was thrilled and then really knew it was her "happy to you" when she got to use them.

And, her favorite gift of the night.....chapstick. She tried on every flavor, and with each new one would say, "not done yet!"

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