Frowing Up

Long story, but bear with me. It is funny in the end. The day David went back to work Elle started complaining of her stomach hurting (which more often than not coincided with getting in trouble or being asked to do something she didn't want to do.) So, I figure she isn't really sick and is just wanting attention, especially since it came and went so quickly. Sunday night she woke up crying, saying her stomach hurt again. We think maybe she is telling the truth, but she seems mostly fine the next day (again, unless she was in trouble.) Tuesday morning we drop Sydney off at school and I hear Elle in the back seat "frowing up." Great. (And this is my child who doesn't do messy.) So, we stop, do the best wet wipe job we can do, and get home as quickly as possible.

Three "frow-ups," two baths, and two outfits later, we are at the doctor (poor thing threw up a again on the car-ride down), and they start checking her. A urine test (ever had to get a two-year-old  to pee in a cup?) later, things look fine, but her Pediatrician is still convinced something is wrong. So, she checks her throat and says it is a little red, she'll do a strep test, and if that comes back negative we are off for x-rays and some dye tests to check for this whole list of random things that *might* be happening in her tummy. But, the strep test comes back positive and apparently in a few kids they will have stomach pains instead of their throat hurting. So, she is put some antibiotics, which of course entails a trip to Wal-Mart to pick them up along with some gator-juice. Walking through the baby section she starts "frowing up" again. And a lot. It is everywhere before either of us realize what is happening. Her clothes are soaked. Nice, huh? And remember, this is my kid who HATES being dirty. So, I send Sydney to the nearest rack for a set of jammies (and she picks Dora - Ms. Elle's favorite at the moment.)  We find someone to apologize profusely to for the lovely mess we are leaving them with, and go to the bathroom to change Elle. She is pretty darn excited over new jammies.

Fast forward a few days, and Sydney is complaining of her stomach hurting. Of course, as soon as we send David off for a night out at the Razorback game, she starts puking. As soon as Elle realizes what is going on, she runs over and their conversation goes like this:

E: Sydney, you frow-up

S: Yeah, Sissy feels sick.

E: (excitedly) You frow-up you get new jammies!!


Baby Belly

36 Weeks (when I was sure I couldn't possibly get any bigger)

And the night before I had him....39 weeks, 3 days
(I must say, I was wrong. I could get bigger...a lot)

Yes, that is a basketball...my belly wins the "which is bigger" game. I guess that is what happens when a person less than 5 feet tall has a 9 pound baby.

We're cute!!

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