Dancing Queen, the sequel

Elle has started dance - she loves it!

Her teacher is Miss Tracy, who has to be one of the most patient people I know.

She really likes the music loud.

This is her smile now...


News worthy?

Sydney has been almost swimming by herself most of the summer, she just hasn't been very confident about it. She is great and quite the little fish in any water where she can touch, but get where she can't touch and she freaks out a bit. The other day we were swimming and somehow her Daddy managed to talk her into going off of the slide with him standing there, but not catching her. The water at the slide is 5 ft deep, and some days I can't touch there depending on the water level. She did it and swam to the side all by herself. I went over to her and said, "Sydney, I'm so proud of you - you are an official real swimmer now!" She says back, "Yeah, I know. I think I might even be on the news right now."



M: Elle, eat your dinner.

E: I a snake.

M: Ok, well, snake, eat your dinner.

E: I a snake. Snakes no eat burritos. Sorry!


The Anatomy of a Bug Fit

First there is the whimper.

Then the flail.

Followed by boneless.

And then for the big finale: the screaming fit.

Gotta love two...
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The other night we were leaving a friend's house and Sydney found a frog. She carried it to the car and I asked her to put him back in the grass.  She did, but not until after giving him a kiss. She looked back at me and said, "Mom, I like to kiss frogs - you know, just in case."


My heart is breaking

Translation: Sydney is gone for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

I dropped Sydney off at dance camp today. Her first overnight camp...two nights away from home. I worry that she'll forget to brush her teeth. Will she eat enough or will she be too excited? What if she doesn't shower the entire two and a half days she is there? Will her hair look like a rats nest when I pick her up on Thursday? What if she gets scared at night? Will she be embarrassed? Will I be driving to the studio at 3 a.m. to pick her up? Maybe even worse - what if she doesn't need me at all?

Two weeks ago, she said she wasn't staying because she was too little. Fine, I said. I'll pick you up at bedtime and bring you in time for breakfast. Then, Miss Jordan said she could sleep with her if she needed to - then she decided maybe she'd stay one night with Miss Jordan and one at home. Then somehow, one with Miss Jordan and one in her own room. Then, two nights in her own room. Something about those triple bunk beds is really enticing. Thankfully, when we got there, all of the top ones in her room were taken - she had to settle for a middle. Making a middle bunk bed with a pregnant belly....let us just call that interesting.   

On the way to camp this morning she said she was nervous - when I got her bed made she said, "Ok, you can leave now." But, thankfully the girls in her room remembered that they didn't have a cd player...I took that as an excuse to take one back.  And, it isn't like we won't see her some during camp. Elle starts dance tonight and then I'm chaperoning for the surprise night out tomorrow. It is just the thought of dropping my baby off at camp. Maybe we could rewind time back to when she was three instead of smiling this big on top of the bunk beds with all of her little buddies.

Oh, and she didn't need my help getting her shoes on today either.

I'm willing to bet that she is worn out come Thursday!