Saturday morning my mom, Sydney and I were sitting in front of the allergist's office inhaling, I mean, eating bagels from Einsteins. It was a windy, overcast day and Sydney had wormed her way into the front seat. We were watching the clouds moving across the sky and all of a sudden there was a break in the clouds and the sun shined through. Sydney yelled, "Look Mom, I think it's God!"
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Fellow bloggers - check this out

I got an e-mail this morning from Kelly about bloggled.com It is a site that will back up your blog for free! I've been thinking about doing this lately, but hadn't looked into it too much. It took me less than five minutes to create an account and back up my blog. (Yes, you all know that I do all things in five minute snippets and if it takes longer than that, well, it probably doesn't happen) They will be offereing a service to convert your blog into a book soon - I can't wait!


Patience is a virtue

I needed a pretty dress for David's work Christmas party, so I decided to stop by JC Penny while I was out finishing my Christmas shopping. I tried on about a million dresses (why do all of the cute have to be made for, well, um, ladies who are less "blessed" than me??) Sydney was all about it until about dress #10. She goes running down the aisle and yells (very loudly so that everyone turned around to look), "That's right, Mom. I'm tired of this store. I'm tired of it and I'm yelling about it and I'm not being patient ANYMORE!" A little lady turns around to me and said, "didn't you hear that - she isn't being patient ANYMORE!"


How to inflate your sister

In an attempt to get some pics for our Christmas cards:


The girls had other plans.
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New Haircuts!!

Finally, I got myself and Sydney a haircut. I've been putting it off forever because we had fallen out of love with our old stylist and I HATE going through 15 people to find a new one, only to find out that they don't work in the same place anymore. Anyway, Lanelle is working at JC Penny now and I LOVE my cute new cut. She fixed it all special-occasion-like because we had the Elders Quorum Christmas party that night. I got a million compliments and even one from a stranger!!(we had to stop for a vanilla coke at Kum and Go on the way home)Talk about a self-esteem booster!! Thanks Lanelle - you rock!!!

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The next American Idol


One of Sydney's favorite thing to do at Grandma and Papa Hill's is to sing on the microphone. Elle is starting to think she should get in on the action, too.
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'Tis the season to be jolly?

Well, it is here. The great "Christmas threw up in our house" tradition. We're really Christmas nuts and you can tell as soon as you drive by our house. Some Rieskes (who shall go nameless) always manage to get a little grumpy when putting up lights. Here is proof (he was actually trying to force a smile):


But, like the husband said, it wouldn't be Christmas if he didn't mumble and groan about putting up our decorations. No one told me that I was marrying the Grinch (except he gets really excited once it is all up)

Of course, I didn't think he was doing it right, so me and my little Elf had to help (trust me, this is a much better picture than the one he took of only my derrier - diet anyone?)
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