Last Competition of the Year...

Sydney's last competition was in Little Rock. I've already posted the pictures of her dancing, but here are some fun ones we took.

Eating dinner at The Flying Burrito with some of her buddies. (Gracely, Syd in the back, Brielle, Taylor, Elle, and Michael) 

Sydney got to get the Choreography award her teachers won for their production, "This is It." For the kids, it is a big deal to get to go pick up the "big" awards because you get to talk on the microphone.

Sorting through their ribbons...Elle needed to help too, of course.

And what do you do when there is a tornado warning and you are locked in? The Cuban Shuffle, of course.

And Elle didn't want to be left out of that one either.


Please help me!

I'm 18 weeks along today, but this was a few weeks back. I'm a slacker. All I know is that I'll need a forklift to move me come October. Blech.



Auditions for company were a couple of weeks ago. When we took Sydney by to see the list, she found out that she was a Juniorette! Talk about excited! If you don't speak dance, what we're really saying is that she moved up to the next group with the older kids. She sang a little song (all day) that went something like, "I'm a junior, juniorette" (to the tune of paparazzi.) She has a lot of hard work ahead of her...


Syd wanted to tell a story in the car, and it started like this:

"A long, long time ago, before we were born and Pluto was still a planet..."



M: How old are you?

E: Fourteen.

M: Are you sure?

E: I fink so.


More competushion pictures.

They rocked this weekend! We are so proud of them. Sydney's group, the Sweethearts, ended up with a 3rd, 5th, and 7th overall in their age group. Production won 1st, and lyrical won a second or third...I can't quite remember. Oh, and we must not forget about the best hair award for Cruella De Ville.

And this is when she was supposed to be quietly waiting back stage. Instead, she figured out Dad, Mom, and Elle were sitting in the front row.