This made me laugh

If nursing in public bothers you, feel free to cover your head with a blanket and finish your meal in the bathroom.


Missing Bear

Well, this week Sydney is doing the central Arkansas tour and visiting grandparents. I thought this would be a great time to get lots of house projects done since I would be down to just one kid to take care of. Here it is Friday morning, and I'm still not dressed or showered, although I have managed to eat a bowl of Rasin Bran. Sydney's room is in worse shapte than it was when she left, my closet is still not cleaned out, and oh, the house is a wreck. Yep, that whole easier to take care of one kid is a fluke. It turns out, Sydney is a much bigger helper than I ever realized. She stinkin' entertains Elle all day and keeps her happy. With Sydney gone, Elle isn't as content to sit alone. All of the times that I've told Sydney to get out of Elle's face - yeah, I think I was wrong. Elle actually LIKES it. She is definitely missing her big sister and I am, too. I've definitely enjoyed some alone time with Elle and think it has been good for her, but the house is so QUIET! Right now Elle is watching "Baby Eimpstein" as Sydney calls it, be she definitely likes watching it with Big Sister much better. We miss you Little Bear! You're such a great big sister.

Elle's Blessing

Well, now that Elle is three months old, we decided we'd better get her blessed or she'd be too big to hold. We had a ton of family and friends that came and were excited to have every one be a part of the special day. David said Elle just smiled up at him the entire time he was blessing her. She's such a happy kid, and I'm sure that this will follow her throughout her life and she will be loved by many because of it. We feel so blessed to have her be a part of our family. We love you Elle!

Branson Trip

The last week of July me and the girls spent a couple of days in Branson with my grandma, Nanny, and my sister, Stacey. Nanny usually takes me every year for my birthday, but I wasn't quite up for the trip in June, so we took it now. On the way up we stopped for a potty break in Eurkea Springs where Sydney got to look through the telescope which she thought was pretty cool. She also got a kazoo. Note to self: no more kazoos (especially the metal ones) on road trips. We also came home with an amazingly annoying rainbow colored pig named Piggy Bank. He snort and walks. Now, this is usually the type of toy I avoid, but Sydney was so excited about it that I really couldn't resist. She talked about it the whole time we were eating dinner, so I slipped back over to the shop and bought it for her. She was a very happy little girl, walking on all fours through the middle of the mall with Piggy bank. Another really cool thing we did was visit the Butterfly Palace. When we walked in and Sydney saw all of the butterflies flying around she was so excited that she was literally squealing with delight. There were hundreds, and even as an adult I thought it was really neat. Elle of course, slept through it.

We also went to the Noah show, which Sydney loved. The theatre was really pretty and it was cool to see all of the animals. Thankfully they had a cry room, where Elle and I spent the last half of the show because I couldn't find her pacifier in the dark. Another vote for mother of the year. Sydney left with a souvineer of an umbrella - the kid is obsessed with rain.

It was a really fun trip and I really enjoyed spending time with my family.

I'm back....

Well, needless to say, July was a busy month for us. We spent the 4th down in Morrilton where I got some fun pictures of the girls. It doesn't get any more American that Watermelon on the 4th of July. Also, there is the picture we like to refer to as "Elle for President" (I'm sure she'd do as good as either of the Bozos we have to pick from.) We were supposed to get to watch "Papa's Rock Band" as Sydney refers to it, known to the rest of us as Relic, but the weather had other ideas in mind. So, instead we went down to green thumb and shot fireworks. David and Ben decided it would be a good idea to put a sparkler bomb inside of a tube. The result - a really loud ear ringing bang. We were about a mile away in the car (I decided that wasn't good for little ears) and it shook the windows of our car.

Elle also got to meet her Great-Great-Grandmother for the first time that weekend. Not many kids get to do that!

Then, there was the introduction of Elle to her Bumbo seat (If you don't have one GO GET ONE! They really do rock.) Sydney prefers to pretend that it is a beauty salon, hence the blanket draped over Elle and the brush. And yes, we had a LONG talk about how it was only pretend and that no scissors should enter the "pretend beauty shop."

So, there is a quick rundown of the first part of the month. If you haven't noticed, my etsy shop is up and running which is why I have been so behind on blogging. But, it is a nice hobby and I'll ride it while it lasts. I have set up a separate blog for my etsy shop - bugabeardesigns.blogspot.com