I'm back....

Well, needless to say, July was a busy month for us. We spent the 4th down in Morrilton where I got some fun pictures of the girls. It doesn't get any more American that Watermelon on the 4th of July. Also, there is the picture we like to refer to as "Elle for President" (I'm sure she'd do as good as either of the Bozos we have to pick from.) We were supposed to get to watch "Papa's Rock Band" as Sydney refers to it, known to the rest of us as Relic, but the weather had other ideas in mind. So, instead we went down to green thumb and shot fireworks. David and Ben decided it would be a good idea to put a sparkler bomb inside of a tube. The result - a really loud ear ringing bang. We were about a mile away in the car (I decided that wasn't good for little ears) and it shook the windows of our car.

Elle also got to meet her Great-Great-Grandmother for the first time that weekend. Not many kids get to do that!

Then, there was the introduction of Elle to her Bumbo seat (If you don't have one GO GET ONE! They really do rock.) Sydney prefers to pretend that it is a beauty salon, hence the blanket draped over Elle and the brush. And yes, we had a LONG talk about how it was only pretend and that no scissors should enter the "pretend beauty shop."

So, there is a quick rundown of the first part of the month. If you haven't noticed, my etsy shop is up and running which is why I have been so behind on blogging. But, it is a nice hobby and I'll ride it while it lasts. I have set up a separate blog for my etsy shop - bugabeardesigns.blogspot.com