Missing Bear

Well, this week Sydney is doing the central Arkansas tour and visiting grandparents. I thought this would be a great time to get lots of house projects done since I would be down to just one kid to take care of. Here it is Friday morning, and I'm still not dressed or showered, although I have managed to eat a bowl of Rasin Bran. Sydney's room is in worse shapte than it was when she left, my closet is still not cleaned out, and oh, the house is a wreck. Yep, that whole easier to take care of one kid is a fluke. It turns out, Sydney is a much bigger helper than I ever realized. She stinkin' entertains Elle all day and keeps her happy. With Sydney gone, Elle isn't as content to sit alone. All of the times that I've told Sydney to get out of Elle's face - yeah, I think I was wrong. Elle actually LIKES it. She is definitely missing her big sister and I am, too. I've definitely enjoyed some alone time with Elle and think it has been good for her, but the house is so QUIET! Right now Elle is watching "Baby Eimpstein" as Sydney calls it, be she definitely likes watching it with Big Sister much better. We miss you Little Bear! You're such a great big sister.


Kelly said...

i LOVE all those pictures! Your girls are so stinkin adorable!!! I showed Gorden the pictures and he was really concerned about the bottom middle one. I told him maybe she was in time out or something. Anyway he thought she was pretty sad! That is so funny that you have a messier house than when Sydney left! At least you got some alone time with Elle. Miss you!

Uncle Timothy said...

My niece kind of looks like the Dalai Lama.


Compare that to the center picture of Elle.

somebody said...