Things I've made

Fabric Choices

My etsy store is up and running...yea! I just need a place to post my fabric choices, so I guess this will be it.


Our Fun Day

Since this week is the Fourth of July, I decided that I should pretend like it is my vacation and take the girls to do lots of fun things. Today we went to story time at the Springdale Library, then to the Jones Center for a picnic and swimming. After that we came home for a little while and got a few things done in the house (not vacation!) We then went to tour the fire station with a bunch of kids from our ward. We had 30 kids there, not counting the babies. It was a little crazy since most of the kids were younger. But, Sydney had fun and we got some cute pictures. She had planned on asking a lot of questions, but got shy once she got there.

Thanks, Jen for organizing this and to Firemen Mick and Kyle for putting up with our brood.

Fireworks and Family Home Evening

David decided it would be fun to get a couple of families together and do FHE. So, everyone came to our house and we did a lesson and then LOTS of fireworks. There were 192 sparklers, 9 kids,3 babies, one burnt foot and not nearly enough adults.

Sydney of course, was queen bossy. For some reason, whenever I teach a group of kids she thinks that automatically entitles her to be the teacher, too. (This is the main reason she CANNOT be in my class at school - it just doesn't work.) All during the lesson I keep hearing, "Boys, look at me. See how I'm folding my arms. Shhh. Sit like me." So, yeah - I never expect to go to a parent teacher conference and here that she is getting in trouble following others. I'm sure however, that I will be told that she is a little (ok, a lot) bossy with the other kids.

But, back to the fireworks. I'm pretty sure the dads had twice as much fun as the kids - and I think the kids had a pretty good time! It was a fun night and a great way to kick off the 4th of July week. My favorite thing was watching how differently little boys and little girls act with sparklers.

Little Girls: "Look I'm a fairy/ princess/ ballerina."

Little Boys: "Hmm, I wonder if this piece of paper will burn."