Fireworks and Family Home Evening

David decided it would be fun to get a couple of families together and do FHE. So, everyone came to our house and we did a lesson and then LOTS of fireworks. There were 192 sparklers, 9 kids,3 babies, one burnt foot and not nearly enough adults.

Sydney of course, was queen bossy. For some reason, whenever I teach a group of kids she thinks that automatically entitles her to be the teacher, too. (This is the main reason she CANNOT be in my class at school - it just doesn't work.) All during the lesson I keep hearing, "Boys, look at me. See how I'm folding my arms. Shhh. Sit like me." So, yeah - I never expect to go to a parent teacher conference and here that she is getting in trouble following others. I'm sure however, that I will be told that she is a little (ok, a lot) bossy with the other kids.

But, back to the fireworks. I'm pretty sure the dads had twice as much fun as the kids - and I think the kids had a pretty good time! It was a fun night and a great way to kick off the 4th of July week. My favorite thing was watching how differently little boys and little girls act with sparklers.

Little Girls: "Look I'm a fairy/ princess/ ballerina."

Little Boys: "Hmm, I wonder if this piece of paper will burn."