Where did September go?

Yikes! Time flies and lately life has been CRAZY! Over the last month I have lost/quit my job, started Sydney in preschool, ran (ok, ran and walked) a 5K, oh and had the official Ear Infection Extravaganza of 2008.

So, a bunch of us ladies at church ran/walked a 5K for the NWA Children's Shelter on Labor Day. It was a lot of fun and I accomplished my goal - I didn't finish last. It took me 45 minutes and some seconds, so since I'm such an over-achiever, I'll make my goal for next year to finish in under 45.

We also went to Bella Vista and went hiking one day, which is the waterfall picture.

Next, Elle started solid foods. My plan was to wait until 6 months, mostly because I'm lazy and HATE the time it takes to feed a baby. Well, Elle had other ideas, was reaching for our food, so alas, she is getting solids. Here are a few pictures from her first food - Malt-o-Meal. She LOVED it. I however, have found that it is very messy, but I can't bring myself to feed her that nasty, nasty baby cereal. She has since moved on to yummier options like applesauce and avocados. I also can't bring myself to feed her regular baby food, so we are making it for her instead.

Sydney started preschool at the Christian Soildiers Preschool and loves it. She is in Mrs. Char's class. When I ask her what she learned she usually replies, "nothing." I'm glad to know my money is going to a place where she learns nothing. (Shh...don't tell her, but I've heard her singing her days of the week and months of the year along with a myriad of other things she didn't know a month ago.) But, seeing how she is learning nothing, I at least hope she is having a good time.

We also found a pick-your-own raspberry farm, and I had no idea how yummy fresh raspberries taste! These are a special crop that are grown as a fall crop. We picked 12 pints with help from grandma (who came up to help me because I was sick.) Elle yelled (she was in a front carrier) when she realized we were eating the raspberries and she wasn't. She loved them, and we gave her lots of taste tests. If we ever went too long and forgot, she let us know. We now have a ton of raspberry jam (which has more sugar than raspberries) and some frozen raspberries. We will be going with some of David's co-workers to the same farm to a pick-your-own pumpkin patch this Friday.

Elle had the mother of all ear infections all month long, but I think we're finally over it. In the process of being up at night with her, I got sick.
Me+ no sleep = sick

Elle and I spent a good amount of time sleeping in the chair night and day. Thanks, Mom for coming up and helping out the last couple of weeks.