I feel pretty

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel pretty.

And sometimes a little silly.

What one does, the other must, too.

And, we can't leave Daddy out.

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Kansas City

Our mini-vacation this June was to Kansas City. David had to count Chapstick (seriously, we counted thousands of tubes) so we got to go too. While the last day of our trip seemed like a very long trip to Wal-Mart (I think we visited 9 when all was said and done) we did do some fun stuff before. 

The first night we went and watched our very favorite baseball player. This is Ryan Fox, Sydney's dance teacher's husband. Sydney was thrilled to get to see him, and I think he might have felt the same. So, we had dinner watching the Kansas City T-Bones play - the all-American baseball meal of hotdogs and Coca-Cola, of course.  I came very close to crying when they closed down the funnel cake stand in the fifth inning- we were saving that for when the kids needed a good distraction. Because of all the rain delays, we left early so we could get the kids to bed - 10:30 or 11 I think. Sydney told Mrs. Britney she could text her to let her know if Ryan won or not. We then drove to our hotel. Just an afterthought, if you can get a room for $42 dollars with tax, you should probably look elsewhere. That might have been the scariest night of my life. 

The next day, we had breakfast at McDonald's, which had a huge playground and Wi-Fi.  This was a work trip for David, so he spent several hours doing what he does best. Thankfully this McDonalds had lots to do, including computer stations with games for the kids.

Then we were off to Great Wolf Lodge. (David always poses like that by wolves.) After a long day of swimming the kids got to go to story time that night, and then we went to the room for television and dessert - hot chocolate and cookies. Yum! 

But, first we had dinner at some really yummy BBQ place. The nachos were the best (and way more than we could eat) and Sydney managed to fall backwards out of the booth and spill her lemonade everywhere while Elle slept. We'll contribute both things to being tired from all of the swimming that day.

Which was followed by more swimming the next day - 6 or 7 hours I think?

And, what trip to Great Wolf Lodge would be complete with fuzzy critter souvenirs. Meet Ricky Montain (a raccoon) and Hedgehog (who is missing...if you find him, can you please return him??) They have probably been played with more than any toys we've bought in a while.

 Sydney is already asking to go back....water park, anyone?


The Witch

While Sydney was at dance camp they went to a swim party at one of the dancer's houses. As they were having dinner and the mom was helping serve, Sydney looked at her and said, "You don't really look like a witch to me." Everyone was a little puzzled (and probably wondering what I said behind people's backs) - and then she pointed them to a sign by the back door (probably meant for Halloween) that said, "Welcome - The Witch is In". 


The other day I was being a little harder than normal on Sydney. She had to write a talk for church the next day and had managed to worm her way out of it all week. So, when she got up for the fifth time in five minutes to play piano, I raised my voice a little and told her to come right now or I was done helping her. Her response: "Mom,  when you are pregnant, you sound just like Dad." I was quite glad to know she only considers me grumpy when I'm pregnant. As for David, I'm pretty sure there isn't a baby influencing him. :)