Drumrolll Please....

Ok, so we have big mouths and probably won't be able to keep a secret until May 2. We finally picked a name for the baby!!! And to answer all of the normal questions - It is just a name we liked. And no, there is not a nickname. I've already made the wall letters for her room, therefore it is set in stone and we aren't changing it. So, unless your comment is "Oh, what a cute name" then we don't want to hear it. :)

So, whenever she decides to come, she will be Elle Madison (pronounced like the letter L). Sydney trying to say it is so super cute since she is still working on the whole L thing.

Due to the whole pre-term labor arrangement, David made me stay home from work today so that is the reason for all of the posts. But, for now I'm out of things to talk about so I will go and find something else to do. I really am not good at this whole being still thing.

Long overdue Easter Pics

The Easter dress. Yes, she picked it out herself which made Mommy kind of sad...I thought I still got a say, but apparently when you are three you get to pick out your own things.

Hunting eggs at Nanny's.

Sydney and me dying Easter Eggs.

My friend Jessica's little girl Chloe and my naked Sydney.

This one is actually from before Easter. Sydney was scratching her back on the fridge pretending to be "Bear Necessities." She thought she was pretty funny, but then again, we did, too.

Baby Coney is trying to come early...

Sydney playing Rock Band.

As of Saturday I am 34 weeks. Yea to being that far along, but we got a wake up call Saturday night. After eating some yummy Mexican, I started having a ton of contractions that were pretty close together. After laying down they didn't go away, so we called the doctor and they said to come in immediately. Well, once we were hooked up to the monitor it turned out that the contractions were coming every five minutes. There were some that I wasn't even feeling, but they were concerned about the number. They did an internal check (I forgot how much those hurt!) and I wasn't dialating, but I was effacing, so they gave me a shot of Brethane (I think that is what it was called.) That worked a little, but not enough so I got a second shot. That one worked and they sent us home. They said that as the days go on they will try less and less to stop it, so we'll see when this little girl shows up.


Our crazy month

Ok, so we haven't updated for a while. Let's see first there was David and the whole appendix thing. He thought he hurt himself working out, so he was getting zero sympathy from me. We went on to the Razorback game as planned and he was in a lot of pain. I told him he wasn't 20 anymore, so he needed to either work out or not, but either way stick to one. Well, after yelling at him for keeping me and Bear up all night, I took him to the doctor and he came back without an appendix. Yeah, good one me, right? What a loving wife I am. I'll blame it on the hormones. This was all on a Thursday.

So, that Sunday I was getting stir crazy and of course David was little help getting much done, so I decided to climb in a chair to get my laminator down. (My FHE packets were due that week!) Between being clumsy and pregnant, I managed to fall and land my belly right on the back of the chair. Good move, huh? So about five hours later I noticed Baby Coney wasn't moving much and got worried. I called the doctor and they said to come in right away. They asked if I had someone to drive me, which I didn't because David was doped up on hydrocodene and we aren't letting Sydney drive long distances quite yet (we thought we'd wait until she can at least reach the pedals). So, they offered to call an ambulance. Um, no thanks. So, I drove myself to labor and delivery. David felt dumb about that, but I assured him it was ok. Of course, as babies do, as soon as we got checked in to the hospital she started moving around like crazy. We had to stay a while and get her monitored, but were sent home knowing she was doing great and looked very mature on the monitors.

Other than that we've been cleaning out the garage, getting the nursery ready, and picking a name for our little girl. We're all really anxious for her to get her. Sydney keeps saying, "Mom, I'm so cited!" (translation, I'm so excited) So, we wait. We have a c-section scheduled for May 2 at 8:45.