9 Months!

Things to know:

1. Still super smiley
2. Still no teeth one tooth!
3. Professional army crawler
4. Gets in trouble at least three times a day for digging in the plants
5. Loves macaroni and cheese
6. Has the whole giving raspberries thing totally figured out.
7. Loves "Dinosaur Train"
8. Sings himself to sleep in the car (and sometimes his crib)
9. Wakes up at 7 a.m., regardless what time he goes to bed.

Look at those scrumptious legs!



This week I got Sydney's school supplies list in the mail. She needs loose leaf wide ruled notebook paper. I almost lost it. WIDE RULED NOTEBOOK PAPER? What happened to the things like Playdoh? Oh yeah, she is growing up.


He isn't crawling...

But he definitely isn't staying where we put him, either.

See that blanket? He started out on top of it. (But, he needed to get his cars from the blanket to the floor in order to make them roll, so, he did.)

It is all about a boy and his cars!

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Last day of Kindergarten...up next, 2nd grade!

What a fun year! Syd has done great, and was actually sad that today was her last day of school. I have assured her that in two days, that sadness will go away as she is sleeping in and playing in the pool.

She has spent the last six weeks going to first grade for math and literacy. This morning we had a meeting with her acceleration team and they recommended she skip second grade. I have to admit, before the meeting David and I were both completely against the idea. But, during the meeting they told us she is testing at a 3.7 for math (third grade, seventh month) and 3.0 and 3.1 for reading (third grade and third grade, first month). The only thing holding her back in her reading is her writing fluency, but even that has drastically improved in the last six weeks. They assured us she was a quick learner and is proficient in writing for the end of first grade. Luckily, her 1st grade teacher is looping up to 2nd, so she will be moving with her. During that meeting David and I both changed our minds (and I realized my main reason for not wanting to move her up is that she will be at home for one less year.)

After the meeting, I ran over to Sonic and grabbed her lunch. She was happy to both have a Sonic meal, as well as have Mom to eat it with her. (I even got invited out on the playground.)

Here she is with Mrs. Goessens (who has been AMAZING!) We took her an end of the year gift of a TCBY gift card, along with a 12 pack of Diet Rite Zero, which she drinks everyday at lunch. She loved both.

Here is my little kindergartener, walking out a second grader!

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Recital Sneak Peek

Here are a few of Elle's pictures from the dress rehearsal the other night...the song is "Just Can't Wait to be King" More recital pics to come soon!


Want new recipes?

Looking for new recipes? Go here and join! I'd love to have lots and lots of people contributing. The first challenge will be issued next Monday.

Go here to find out all about it:

Lots of fun, little pressure, and a good way to add a few calories to your day.


Hoping for answers

Today we are in Kansas City.

One hospitalization in January for a kidney infection.  

The day we got there (chubby baby= IV in the head)

The day we left.

And a surgery six weeks later to remove a cyst from his bladder (which got him a little bit of local attention.)

Only to come back six weeks later (which we knew might happen, but hoped it wouldn't). Poor Corbin has had a tough start. He takes antibiotics every day, and a fever for him means going straight to the ER (which we have only had to worry about once.) But, today we are at Mercy Children's Hospital in KC, hoping a pediatric urologist has some answers. Our little guy will be undergoing sedation (which made him super crabby last time) and testing. Then, on to an afternoon appointment with a doctor. We are just so grateful they got him an appointment in a mater of weeks (opposed to the months Little Rock was willing to wait.)

So, if you have a minute, all prayers on his behalf are welcome. We love this smiley little guy, and just want him to feel better for good.


Happy Birthday, Buggy!

April 2008

April 2009

April 2010

April 2011
Happy 3rd birhday, Elle! Here are 36 things that make her who she is (in honor of 36 months...3 things just wasn't enough!) She:

1. Does not like being dirty. (she will change clothes if there is even a drop of water on her.)

2. Is independent. Very.

3. Wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

4. Weighs in at a whopping 26 lbs.

5. Is missing one tooth (thanks to running into a corner of the wall).

6. Loves her baby dolls.

7. Has Daddy wrapped around her little finger (she makes him lay day with her every night or she won't go to sleep.)

8. Is a Star Wars fan.

9. Loves squinkies.

10. Is a packrat. Missing something? Look in her purse/tricycle/pocket.

11. Loves Strawberries.

12. Is a big fan of her big sister.

13. Is a little OCD at times. (don't dare put something in the wrong place.)

14. Likes Diet Coke and Coke Zero. And Mounty Dew.

15. Is bossy.

16. Does not like to be called Elle Madison. Only Elle. Or Buggy. Or, Cuddlebug. (In her words.)

17. Is super clumsy. Refer to #5.

18. Is obsessed with doing things right. She asks everyday if her shoes are on the right feet.

19. Loves wearing jammies. Sometimes, that means she changes into clean ones in the morning.

20. Is terrified of bugs. She makes us kill every fly she sees.

21. Wants a new dog. One that will ride in her purse, and cuddle, and obey her.

22. Loves the song "Give Said the Little Stream" and sings it to her little brother when he cries.

23. Loves the song "Dynomite" and has a mean booty shake to go with it.

24. Has an evil cackle-laugh.

25. Likes to go places.

26. An expert at throwing some monster fits.

27. Is a chocoholic.

28. Is always the first to kneel and fold her arms for family prayer.

29. Asks to go to Nanny's whenever she is mad at Mom.

30. Is a blanket child. She has four that float around.

31. Likes being destructive. That is why we call her Stitch sometimes. But, that is not her name. (Please refer to  #16)

32. Loves playing outside.

33. "cooks" in her kitchen all of the time.

34. Loves helping.

35. Is a night owl. The kid can stay up later than me most nights.

36. Loves giving hugs and needs lots of cuddling.

Now, if you made it through all of that, congratulations. Happy birthday to my favorite three year old!


Kansas City Temple!

While we were in Kansas City a few weeks ago, we took a minute on our way out to drive by the Kansas City Temple that is being built. We are pretty excited! As you can tell from the pictures, it was super windy.

I love the code of conduct, and I think it is pretty amazing that everyone follows it.



The big 6 months

Today marks six months since this little angel entered the world. Six months! Where did it all go?

So, in honor of six months, here are six things I am currently loving about this sweet boy.

1. His hearty belly laugh.

2. That "grumpy" days usually entail him not laughing. Yep, super easy baby.

3. His chubby thighs. (I'm pretty sure they make up a good 16 of his 20 pounds. Pic to come.)

4. That he gives me kisses all of the time. Yes, those big, wet, slobbery baby kisses. Love them!

5. He loves playing with his feet. I've always wanted a baby that lays and plays with thier feet. Check!

6. He loves me best. Yes, for once, I am the favorite parent! It only took three tries to accomplish. David assures me that this will change as soon as I am no longer the food source. We'll see - this kid just has a sweet spot for me. :)

 I can't wait to see what the next six months bring!



E: Mom, you don't dance like that, you got to walk on your Ticky-toes.



When it is dark (in a room, car)

E: I can't see my eyes, I can't see my eyes!



Love this weather! Right now my girls are in the backyard playing with a neighbor. They found a key buried in the back yard that doesn't fit any of our locks, so they have decided that there is a secret house underground and they are digging for it. I think they've hit a rock, which they have decided is the secret house. Now they are searching for another neighbor, he has a spy kit and can surely figure it out. Lol. When they are 20 I'll tell them I threw out my old apartment key last week.


No one told me...

How hard it is to get three children to look in the same direction and smile all at the same time!

Good thing they're cute.