'Tis the season to be jolly?

Well, it is here. The great "Christmas threw up in our house" tradition. We're really Christmas nuts and you can tell as soon as you drive by our house. Some Rieskes (who shall go nameless) always manage to get a little grumpy when putting up lights. Here is proof (he was actually trying to force a smile):


But, like the husband said, it wouldn't be Christmas if he didn't mumble and groan about putting up our decorations. No one told me that I was marrying the Grinch (except he gets really excited once it is all up)

Of course, I didn't think he was doing it right, so me and my little Elf had to help (trust me, this is a much better picture than the one he took of only my derrier - diet anyone?)
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Robbins' Nest said...

Hey Ash! I miss seeing you! We need to get together soon! LUV the new haircuts!

Jannae said...

He comes by it naturally. Have you ever spoken to your mother-in-law during the holiday season? Every year it's "well, I'm just not in the spirit" that is, until the Tree is up and the Christmas shopping is done! : )

somebody said...