I'm Feeling:

Hungry. Very Hungry.

Now, I know what all of those starving actresses feel like. I totally get why they have no qualms dropping $500 on a pair of shoes - it is their attempt to forget about how great it would be just to have a piece of chocolate. Anyone have a spare $500 to donate to my cause?

Really, I'd just like a piece of pizza. The kind oozing with cheese and dripping with some greasy, fat bearing pepperoni. Mmm. Oh, and one mustn't forget the carb-loaded white flour crust. While I'm dreaming, make it a thick crust  - might as well go all out at this point.

I think I might gag if I see another 2% cheese stick.

The almonds aren't too bad, they just would be much tastier sunk into a hunk of milk chocolate.

Oh, and romaine lettuce, how I LOATHE THEE. You and your sugar free jello friend really can take a hike. Wait, wait. Come back, I was only kidding. I can't shun you, too. I really might starve if it weren't for you. And really, I have no social life this week. How many social activities have I skipped this week just because I knew there would be sugar and carb loaded foods there?? Ahh, too many to count.

My skinny jeans better fit a little looser next week. I'm just sayin'.