You get the best of both worlds...

Sydney's birthday was three days before we left for Disney, so originally we said no party this year (hello - isn't a birthday celebrated at Disney World a party in and of itself?) But, after much begging and pleading we agreed to a small non-party. Think of it as a glorified playdate with cake.

Two friends from dance came - Taylor and Gracely. They played house, they made necklaces, they watched "Hannah Montana the Movie,"  they trashed the bedroom. Oh, and then there was the pizza and cake, on Hannah Montana Plates, of course. And Miss Sydney requested a strawberry cake, with real strawberries.

What started out with a little harmless whipped cream on the nose...

Ended up as one lotiony mess.

They had a great time, but after 5.5 hours of playing, and a clock that said 11:30 p.m., they still weren't ready to call it quits.

What a fun non-party. Maybe we will repeat next year.