A Quick Post

David is helping someone move this morning and I have a few seconds with a real computer and a few pictures. Not being able to blog lately, I realize just how much I truly love blogging. It lets the writer in me escape for just a few seconds, and helps me remember the favorite parts of my day and laugh at the not-so-favorite parts. (I also like ignoring the dishes and dirty diapers for a few minutes, too!)

Sydney is out of preschool for the summer and I find that welcoming for the moment. I was honestly so tired of driving across the stupid road work and spending a good 45 minutes in the car every day just to get her to and from preschool for three hours. At the end, that only left me about 2 hours to get anything done, which seemed so short if I had an errands to run or if Elle decided that it wasn't a napping day. Anyway, instead of rushing around, now our mornings look something more like this:

I'm already fretting over the fact that in only a year I'll be getting ready to send her to kindergarten. Yes, my little chick will be leaving the house five days a week in a short 14 months. Get the chocolate ready because I fully intend on eating myself into a chocolate stupor when that day comes (and I think little sister will be right there with me.)