Growing up

Our little Elle is growing up quickly. 14.5 months already! She amazes us with the things she is doing everyday, and constantly tries to keep up with Sydney. She really wants to dance like Sydney does and has a great little grove developing. She has already found the little stage in the corner at dance and spends a good portion of Sydney's dance class playing on it.

She loves helping in the kitchen (probably partially due to the fact that it is one time she doesn't get in trouble for climbing on the step stool.) Here she was helping me with the 22 lbs of green beans we picked. I'm not sure what was more fun for her, the washing or the picking. She loved the picking and the pouring dirt in her hair, but she also liked helping wash them (a free excuse to play in the water.) I am amazed at how quickly she can watch me do something and then seconds later be doing the same exact thing.

She loves hanging out with Sydney. When school starts back in September I think Elle will miss her big sister a lot. She loves playing with her and following her around the house all morning. She is very content to just play with whatever Sydney tells her to play with, and play how Sydney tells her to play. They have arguments, but that I figure, is just part of the process.

Another one of Elle's favorite things is dogs. She says "puppy" very clearly. She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, but the bigger the better. Here she is playing in Kip's cage (a dog that stayed with us for a weekend while his family was out of town.)

She loves making noise while going over bumps, drinking anything with a straw, giving kisses, head-butting, and making people laugh. She is into everything and has a smile that is quite contagious. We love having her as a part of our family!