The Little Bang Theory

This year we did the Fourth of July quietly. In the past, we've had large parties or attended larger parties. Not this year. We just took it easy. We've had such a busy summer, and it was nice to have a quiet, laid back day. A simple barbecue, a few last minute friends, and a few homemade four-year-old decorations. I'm pretty sure this is how Fourth of July celebrations are meant to be.

Sydney was still a little scared of fireworks, but loved sparklers.

We all really like the fountains.

And even our furry guest for the weekend, Kip, joined us. He watched the show from Lindsay's lap. (Grizzly was too busy "protecting" us from the fireworks.)

Elle loved everything, wanted to touch everything, and even thought eating a smoke bomb sounded a bit appealing. She made it for a good part of the celebration, but eventually went to bed even with the commotion outside. Long after our fireworks ended, our neighbors kept us entertained.