What We're Eating

Well, we're back with an old-new blog. A long time ago I started a blog with great intentions, got busy with this whole child-rearing thing, and left it in the dust. But, every so often I am caught somewhere and wish I had my recipe for XYZ, and alas it is at home. Or, I get to summer again, and am scrambling around trying to plan meals and think, "What did we eat last summer. I'm sure we ate, but nothing, I mean NOTHING sounds good right now." So, my blog has been born-again if for nothing else other than purely selfish reasons. You'll find a collection of my favorite recipes (some mine, some from friends, some straight from Ye Ol' Internet) as well as a weekly meal plan. The meal plan mainly because I hope it inspires others to share theirs - I have searched and searched the internet and always find a mishmash of things I'm sure my family won't eat (or that I'm too cheap to buy, or just won't attempt to cook, or just think sound gross.) So, world, meet
What We're Eating.