The Big Bang Theory

I have a theory about fireworks. Big, small - they are all great, but they are just different. This is one thing I have had to work to convince David of during the last six years. He is content with just doing our own. I, on the other hand, need a good "big show" at least once a year. The problem David has with big shows is the crowd that comes with them. So, we decided (translated, I won at the last second) to go to the Veteran's Park show Friday night.

Elle pointed and giggled, and pointed some more. My baby was enamored at all of the flashes of light and color in the sky. After all, this was her first real Fourth of July. (two months old hardly counts.)

Sydney was amazed that we would actually give her permission to be on top of the car.

I got my big show, the girls loved it and we avoided all traffic by leaving a few minutes before it was over (and watching from several blocks away.) Everyone won, and we got to watch the beauty of wonder and excitement from of little ones' faces.