Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The day Sydney had been waiting all year for (or at least all week) had finally arrived. The Fourth of July! Now, unfairly to her, we decorated her bike for the Saturday parade on Wednesday. So, she woke up at O' dark thirty.

S: Mom, we have to put my flag tatoo on. It is time for the parade.
M: It is still dark outside. Go back to bed.
S: Wake up! Oh, WAKE UP! You are going to forget about my flag tatoo and we'll miss the parade!

So, we went back to sleep until a semi-righteous hour when the sun was at least beginning to shine. Then, we began getting ready for the parade, complete with "Fourth of July Braids" (so deemed by Sydney.)

She was excited to be there, with all 5 million other kids and all 10 people that came to actually watch the parade. But, none of that mattered. She had her decorated bike, and her sister's decorated stroller, complete with one lazy dog.

Elle rode in her normal nonchalant manner, kicking her feet, and giving the occasional wave. She was more of an observer.

It was a hoot.