Birthday Trip to Branson

Back at the beginning of June my parents joined us for a weekend trip to Branson to celebrate my birthday. Now, the actual day of my birthday I spent hanging out in a crematorium helping my mom work on the interior of a hearse so that she could go on the trip with us. How is that for an exciting way to spend your 28th birthday! Definitely unforgetable. But, onto the trip. Once we got to Branson we spent time shopping, and at Silver Dollar City. Poor Sydney was DYING to swim (maybe not the appropriate term in this particular post?) but it was entirely too cold. Now, you'll have to forgive me, because this is going to be very picture heavy. But, hey - it's my birthday post, so I can do that if I want.

See the evil laugh - what you can't see is that she is pushing a button that is making the bug she is riding in go up and down really quickly (translated~bumpy) which grandma was begging her to quit doing. Hence the I'm up to something laugh.
This was later in the day, and Elle was curled up with Papa and down for the count.

Elle has this whole amusement park thing figured out:
  1. get someone to carry you
  2. have them stand in front of a water fan
  3. make sure they give you a cup of juice
  4. relax and enjoy

Sydney is so excited this year - she is finally tall enough to ride most of the bigger rides (minus the roller coasters.) She also loves that she is "braver than Dad" or at least has a stronger stomach. Here she is with Mom and Papa on the boat ride.
Papa and his two girls (after we suckered him into riding the frogs...those things are hard on adults!)
Sydney and Grandma on the swings.

Elle and Daddy.

Perhaps Elle's favorite ride of all. The luggage cart.