Three weeks ago Sydney started preschool. She was pretty pumped. We started out by going to open house (which Dad took off of work to attend with us.)

She found her spot at her table and filled out her about me sheet:

Of course, her self portrait included a crown. (Now, are you really surprised?)

She colored a bag that she will take with her to school every day. She got acquainted with the toys. I'm thinking that maybe Dad had more than a little fun. Elle was staying with Nanny, so afterwards we took her out for pizza at Mad Pizza. (And she even got to splurge and play a few games while we were there.)

Now she was ready for her first day of school. Her only demands were that she wear a dress and that her hair was not (insert snotty voice here) in her face.

Bring on the first day of school breakfast out. She chose Einstein Bagels. But, only if we could sit outside. Fine by me -until Elle fell out of the chair and on to the concrete. Oops. Nothing like a blueberry bagel to fix a bumped head. Cinnamon sugar for Sydney.


With a full tummy, she was ready for school.

She was most excited about seeing these furry little guys.  "Mom, Rats!!!" "No, honey. Hamsters."

With one final hug, we we left.

She was busy playing with Play Doh.

 Elle and I walked out into the hall where the kids hang their bags. When she realized Syd wasn't coming with us, it began. "No bye-bye. No bye-bye!" And, that is what I heard, alll of the way home.

Sorry kid, it is just you, me, and  a house full of dirty floors begging for some attention.


When we got back to pick Sydney up, PURE JOY! Seriously girls, it was three hours.