Elle Belle, the Little Ellepeno. You are getting so big so fast!
Well, what can I say. She loves being in things: boxes, baskets, cabinets. You name it, she is there. Oh, and the pantry. She likes hiding in there (and finding candy, crackers, any snack will do.)

She loves her friends. She and Caleb have been buddies for, well, almost a year now. Her best friend is definitely her big sister. She loves playing and is pretty nice to others (most of the time.)

She is big enough to have play dates and play tea party and dress up. So sad for Mommy, so exciting for her. In this picture, she was less excited about posing and more excited about getting to the actual tea party.

She loves dogs. This is Elle laying in Kip's cage WITH Kip. I'm not sure who was more excited, Elle or Kip.
This kid LOVES to clean. (She must get it from her Dad.) She even stole a little bitty broom from the neighbors next door. Sydney had one, but apparently Elle needed her own. We don't really condone stealing, but the neighbor Dad said it was ok. (I think he was just glad to see one more toy vanish.) Maybe we'll work on the whole right/wrong thing later.

Except, maybe we kind of are. Yes, this is Elle. In time out. She is getting to be quite familiar with this little spot on the wall (and Mom and Dad are getting quite familiar with one pouty little lip.)


Anonymous said...

My blog fix is cured... time out? Surely not my Elle?


Jennifer said...

Wow, how do you get her to sit in time out? Elliott just runs around the room screaming.

Anonymous said...

Those are cute pictures. I don't see anything she would be in time out for. She is to sweet and ladylike and quiet.
Grandma Wu-wu

Ashley said...

Oh, she is a pro at time-out. She has watched her big sister one too many times!

Jannae said...

Haha,too cute! Please bring those girls to see me!

Anonymous said...