My week of education

Here is what I have learned this week:

When challenged by an equally bossy four year old, my dear one does not back down. No sir, she throws a cup in his face (thankfully empty.)

When my hand is tired of giving spankings after an abnormally disobedient weekend, planks are an effective alternative. Yes, ab planks. Actually, they may even be more dreaded. I think a hard head has lead to a calloused rear end.

Apparently, in the world of four, if someone spits in your face, you should spit back in theirs- even that gets your color changed to yellow.

Spankings, however worn out for sassing, are still effective for bad school behavior. If one happens to find their color on red at school,(think stoplight) they will also find mama's hand on their backside once we make our way to the car - and fear can be a very powerful thing.

If you don't like a person (same receiver of the cup and spit) you should put your hand on your head with your fingers in the shape of an "L" and tell them they are a "lo-ser" (here we go with that pesky color change again.)

During chapel, they will gear the lesson towards certain somebodies and being "kind to one another." Never shy, my dear one will inform the pastor "yeah, like when Logan is mean to me, I should be nice to him even if I don't like him and I'm not his friend."

And, I have learned that the third time is a charm. Day three she was on green ALL DAY!!! She even talked to Mr. Logan and was nice without spitting, name calling or cup throwing, even if they aren't friends. Miracles do occasionally happen.