Me V. Mr. Armadillo

The other night Grizzly started barking. David was teaching, and it was close to time for him to be home, so I opened the door to let Grizzly run out and meet him (and not wake up the girls.) But, it wasn't David on my doorstep, but an ugly ARMADILLO!!! The stupid, nasty thing tried to run in my house. In MY HOUSE I tell ya! I had no shoes on, therefore in my opinion, no defense. (No way was I going to touch that thing with my bare feet.) So, I slammed the door in his face, which made him really mad. He started hissing (I had no idea they could hiss) and poor Grizzly is left outside with Mr. Armadillo. He is bigger than her and I'm just thinking rabies. Thankfully, David was on his way home, but by the time he got here the nasty creature had peed on my doorstep and left. Uggh. Not an experience I care to repeat.