Goodbye Summer.

September is always a confusing month for me. Is it summer? Technically, yes. But it starts to feel like Fall. There is Labor Day and one last swim, but then there is God's gift to all : RAZORBACK FOOTBALL. We are back in school, so I guess our little jaunts to who knows where are over. Now I'm ready to throw the girls' shorts in the summer box and pull out the sweaters, but we aren't quite there yet. Today when I was picking Sydney up from preschool I looked up and saw this:

So, I thought I should blog about what we did this summer before I forgot about all of the fun we had. Our mini-trips will be in a separate post soon, but this is just the fun everyday stuff. So, in a nutshell:

We spent a lot of time at the library. Sydney was excited because she got to go to preschool story time "by herself" while I went with Elle to the baby story time. I checked in on Sydney every once in a while and was assured she was good and listened (and even shushed one of the parents who was trying to talk to her and told them that you aren't allowed to talk during story time.) Both girls enjoyed the crafts afterward, although Elle really enjoyed dumping the crayons best. 
:    :
David replaced the fuel line on his truck because it was leaking. He had to take the bed off to figure this out. I'm sure you are wondering why this is blog worthy. Stick with me. It gets better. 
Thanks to our neighbor, it only took about an hour to remove the truck bed.Locally he could get the part for $200. Online he could get it for $60. Well, I guess you know what we did. Yes, ordered it online. It took about a week for it to come in. Until then, David's truck looked like this: 

Yes, you are seeing right. That is Duck Tape holding on his taillight. EMBARRASSING! I even offered (begged) to drive him to work, but he wouldn't take me up on it.

:  :
We spent a lot of time cooking. The girls loved it, and I loved that it gave us something to do. Sydney has already told me that she gets my recipes (meaning my binder) when I die. Hello- I'm only 28!
:     :
We made every possible Home Depot first Saturday workshop. Things we learned:
  1. Avoid naptime.
  2. Watch out for thumbs.
  3. Always choose Dad to be your helper, not Mom.

:     :
Our favorite: Blue Coconut Slush with a lime. (A Sydney concoction, but quite tasty!)

Oh, and Elle learned how to make that really annoying squeaking sound with straw.

:    :

We painted our door! Now, instead of being a "weathered white"  (Ok, so it really just needed a new paint job) it is black! I haven't taken an after picture, but it is raining, so use your imagination. My Mom and Dad came up to help out - Thanks!!!
:    :
Sydney taught Dad the correct way to mow the lawn. You know, because, he needed help.

:     :


After many pieces of gum (although I am proud to report, none in the hair!) Sydney learned to blow a bubble!

:     :

I spent a good chunk of my time at the gym in order to get rid of some of the chunk and hopefully lessen my migraines. I also tried to do as many fun things as possible with the kids and in the procces, I think I learned to lighten up a bit. 


Courtney said...

That is such a fun idea to remember all of the things you did this summer. Loved it! Your family is great. :)

Charity Brown said...

Blue coconut slushes are AWESOME!!!! My fav as well! Cute post!

Anonymous said...

The pictures looked great. Thanks for sharing them. The only thing you forgot is "LOWES" workshop. I noticed they will be building firetrucks next time. I am assuming all the stores are the same. They made drums last week. That is a cute idea making them sit on 5 gallon buckets at HD.

Robbins' Nest said...

Ash, you crack me up...so many good summer memories and you capture them so well! By the way, you're looking great!

Anonymous said...