Why We Love Charity

Summer brings on charity. Lots of it. If we were rich, we'd be charitable. But, since we aren't....

Anyway, David's office always participates in several charity events which means he gets to play golf/fish/do who knows what and call it working. (Yes, dear. Some people have to call that VACATION.) For us, the excitement isn't in David's golf score, it is in the goody bag.

Now, to truly understand this, sit back in your seat. Close your eyes (well, maybe squint, you are reading) and imagine the excitement that built up each and every Christmas. (You know, before you actually had to buy your gift from your spouse for yourself?) Well, this is like Christmas, but better. Imagine a stocking full of goodies, except this stocking is the size of a tote bag. Oh, and it is totally random. Useful? That is your call.

Here is the spread from the latest bag (my floor really was clean before, and no, the dog wasn't included):

Here is a brief sampling:
Jam, mini pepperonis (like the size of pennies!), canned fruit, diaper wipes, sun screen (three varieties), beef jerky, gum, laffy taffy, Chap stick, Bodywash, deodorant, socks (my personal favorite!), sani-wipes, neosporin to go, a t-shirt, a few hats, bandaids, puffs, candy, candy, oh and a lava lamp that plugs into your usb drive, a mini ketchup in a glass bottle, trash bags, and hair ties.

Sydney's favorite was obviously the usb-drive Lava lamp, with the little finger-skateboard things running a close second.
Elle was all about the puffs.