A Celebration

The girls are pretty lucky with their Daddy's work schedule and are used to having him home. Even when he has to spend extra time on teaching, or the text book, or working late, he usually tries to put most of those hours in after they have gone to bed, so they usually don't even notice. This month, he has spent most of the month on the road and they've missed him.

The second week he was gone Sydney decided we needed to have a party for him. With an 11 p.m. flight (turned 2 a.m.) that wasn't really an option, so she settled for a welcome home banner.

Elle was glad to help with the stringing:

Everyone helped with the hanging:
And here was what greeted our favorite guy when he finally got home at 2 a.m.: (well, minus the smiling diva)

We are glad he is home for a while now.