The Quest for Perfect Buns

A few weeks ago the girls stayed with some friends for the evening while David and I went out. When I asked what they did, and questioned Sydney about her behavior she swore she was an angel (highly doubtful) and went on and on about what they had for dinner. Something about this really yummy something. But then she couldn't remember what this something was. Finally she said, "Oh, Sloppy Joes. And they were AMAZING. You'll have to ask Alex's mom how to make them." Now, when I've fixed sloppy joes they have been picked at and prodded like they were some sort of alien science experiment, and definitely never been described by Sydney as amazing. I made a mental note to ask how these Sloppy Joes were so different from mine. After asking, they apparently weren't different, just served at a different house, so they are back on the menu this week.

So, off to the store we go. We get to the checkout and I realize we forgot hamburger buns. My things are already unloaded, Elle is ready to go, so I ask Sydney if she remembers where the bread is. Yes, she does.

(Side note: We're at Aldi which is pretty small, and isn't busy, so I don't feel too guilty sending her a short distance to get bread. Besides, I'm right next to the entrance and exit, so if anyone tries to smuggle her out, I'm on it. Now that we have that out of the way...)

Attempt 1: So, off she goes and returns with a loaf of regular (and at this point pretty smashed) bread. I tell her no, that we need buns, for Sloppy Joes. Remember, the round ones? Oh, yeah. She remembers those. The lady behind us giggles. She takes off. It is my turn to check out.

Attempt 2: She returns with bagels. Round, yes. Made for Sloppy Joes? Not so much. My stuff is almost all rung up so I tell her to not worry about it and we'll get them next time. She gets frantic and says that she knows she can find the right thing this time and can she PUH-LEASE have one more chance. I really have no spine, so I let her try once more.

Attempt 3: Success!! "I found them!" Big smiles and hamburger buns! She tells me some friends (aka complete strangers) helped her because they were on the top. She is very proud of herself, although I've completely finished checking out with all $10 worth of groceries by now. So, I hand her a dollar, tell her to go get in line and she can pay for them herself. The cashiers are all giggling at her (she has announced very loudly to everyone with and without hearing aids that she found the buns) and let her cut in line. So, she pays her 79 cents and we are on our way out of the store. Now, we'll see if she actually likes Sloppy Joes at our house.