What time is it?

Where did my day go?

Um, it is 4:30.

Am I dressed? No. Did I get to the gym to get in that three mile run. Nope. How about getting to the store to refill my fridge with milk. Nada. Oh yeah, and I was supposed to go meet with someone about the Primary program which I'm really trying to get written this month. Yeah, failed there, too.

This cold I have is killing me. Yesterday, my voice was gone for at least two hours, which Sydney found quite comical (or at least the fact that I couldn't really raise my voice to get on to her.) Then, I spent a good portion of the night keeping myself awake with a cough. And it is annoying, because it isn't that I feel all that bad, just tired because of the lack of sleep.

So, today we have watched Marley and Me, Between the Lions, and the new to us movie Coraline (thank you Redbox free rentals on the first Monday of the month!) I thought I might be able to sneak a nap in during the last one, but I was smart and rented a scary movie for my four-year-old. (Standing ovation??) So, anytime I about dozed off she'd say, "Mommy, wake up this part is scary!"

Yeah, so, here I sit, un-showered with an untidy house. Elle is sans diaper. Again. She is a pro at taking those things off, and I'm tired of putting them back on her. Maybe that is why babies are meant to wear clothes. Sydney is doing something besides picking up they toys that I have threatened to throw away (yet again.) Do you think she is catching on that I probably really won't throw them away (unless they are broken, small, or sharp or somehow otherwise annoying?) Other than feeding my kids, I can't say today has been very productive. I don't even have dinner planned. Luckily, we have a POA meeting tonight which means they are providing dinner. I think this time we will be responsible citizens and show up for the food, I mean meeting.