Project Termination

Lately I've been on a mission. To get rid of her.

In a valiant attempt to save these sweet little things.

But, sometimes the sweet little things get into mischief.

Exhibit A: Sweet thing 1, left alone in the back seat of the car while nice mommy drives, emerges from the back seat with messages of her undying love for her sister all over her arms. This is of course, after a nice bath and on the way to a doctor's appointment or something where one is expected to be in a semi-clean state. Mean Mom was really trying to stay hidden.

Exhibit B: Sweet thing 1 and 2 modeling sunglasses at Target, shortly before pulling down an entire rack of belts. Seriously? Nice Mom had even splurged on POPCORN to distract. All she really went in for was a prescription refill. Out Sweet Things walked with Mean Mom, again.

But, then there are days when Mean Mom stays nice and hidden. Nice Mom realizes that a clean house will happen some sad day when there aren't little fingers to make big messes. We all relax, and Daddy even gets to walk in to three smiling faces.