You're driving me nuts, kid.

Ok, so the title of this post is a direct quote from Sydney. I was walking around picking things up and she said, "Mom, you're driving me nuts, kid." I think I'm getting on her nerves because I'm going crazy sitting around all of the time via David's orders. And speaking of Miss Cuteness herself, here she is watching Super Why this morning.
So, with part of my new found lazy-time, I've gotten some sewing projects done. The first one I finished is a quilt for Elle. I made Sydney a Razorback blanket when she was born, so I didn't figure I could skip out on that this time. My biggest concern when I started having contractions was that I hadn't finised it. So, it was the first thing I finished. It is far from perfect, but most of my projects are.

The next item of panic was a gift from Elle to Sydney. In our sibling class they suggested bringing a gift from the baby to the big sister for her to "give" her when they meet the first time as a way to make things easier on the older sibling. I decided I wanted Sydney to get a Big Sister shirt, but couldn't find any on-line that I really liked. Plus, they were all about $20 each and kind of corny. I checked on ebay and found these iron-on transfers. They are supposed to be heavier duty than the ones you can print at home. We'll see, but I think they are because they were heavier in weight. So, for $15 including shipping and the shirts I got one for Sydney and for Elle. I added some ribbon and here is the outcome:

If you can't read it they said "Big Sister" and then Sydney across the bottom and "Lil Sister" and Elle across the bottom. Sorry, but with two girls I can't resist the occasional matching shirt thing. While finishing Elle's shirt, my sewing machine messed up again. It is the same problem I had with it last time, so we'll be making a trip to Springdale this morning to drop it off at the Sears repair center. I think this part has a two year warranty, I'm crossing my fingers. But, it looks like my sewing projects are on hold. I guess it is back to scrapbooking if the weather stays nice. David moved my things out to the garage and set me up a crafting area where I can leave my mess out in the random nook in our garage. Sydney will like that because then she'll finally be able to play with the sidewalk chalk we bought last week (it has been cold and/or rainy every day since.)

And, because I think it is cute, here is Elle's coming home outfit. The skirt is a 0-3, but it looks huge compared to the other things. We'll see if it fits or not. I'm dying to see how big she is when she gets here. According to my e-mails she should be finished growing height wise now and is just fattening up, although she should be around 5.5 lbs. Sydney was 8.2 at 38 weeks, so I guess we'll just wait and see.

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