Grass Head

Today Sydney and I made her long awaited "grass head." This is a craft my home school class did the other day and I brought home the extras for her to make one. It is basically a chia-pet and quite cute when it finally grows. Sydney decided she wanted to make hers to a football player. I drew the number for her and then she drew the clothes. I think she did a pretty good job - she is getting better and better at drawing things. Especially things with a permanent marker on my bathroom wall, but that is another story. Currently there is a frog drawn with a dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror which by me is an ok art space, dry erase being the key. My favorite part of the frog is the tounge which she drew by sticking hers out so she could see what it looked like. It was really cute.

I've been up since 5 a.m. which I hate, but there was no point in just laying there. So far I've gotten some laundry done and had a chance for more research on cloth diapers. I think I might be crazy, but I think it is what we're going to do part-time at least. I'm not sure we could do them at school and I definitely think I don't want to do them when out and about. I've found a couple of places on-line that allow you to do a trial version. One site is only $10 for 21 days if you decide you don't like them, so I think we may start out with that. Cloth will be a big investment to make if we decide not to do it so I want to make sure that is really what we want to do. I'm amazed at how different cloth diapers are than what I thought they'd be. There are so many options that I've felt a little overwhelmed doing all of the research, but I think I've finally got my feet on the ground. Plus, I don't think it will gross me out as much as I originally thought, especially after potty training. I don't think it is something I would have been brave enough to try with my first, but after all of the poop and pee associated with potty training, what is a little more?

Also on the agenda for today are Sydney's swim lessons. She has had a break since before Christmas and is dying to go back to the Jones Center. She has big plans about going under, we'll see if she sticks to them. Today is also the day she has been working really hard for - POKEY EARRINGS! She has been begging for several months now and David was a little reluctant to let her get them. But, after lots of Sydney persuasion she talked him into getting them. David told her she could get them IF she was good and had no time-outs at school for all of March. She did get it pushed back a week for a "not listening" incident and I can't say she has been the most well behaved child ever, but she has improved and has worked really hard. We've talked about how it will hurt, but only for a second. She isn't thrilled about that part, but she still wants to get them so wish us luck. We'll see what she picks out and how it goes!
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Kerilee Law said...

Why the interest in cloth diapers? Just curious.

Claire - Adam - Anna said...

Ashley I love your stories about sydney. Probably because I feel like I can completely relate! It sounds like Anna and sydney would get along great however they would probably get into more trouble than we would like to imagine! Good luck with the diapers... I don't think I have the patience to do that!

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