Weewo and Stitch and Grasshead Progress

Sydney's favorite movie lately has been Lilo and Stitch (weewo and Stitch as it is more commonly known in our house.) She loves when they hula in the beginning and has decided that this skirt from her dress up trunk looks like a hula skirt. So, she wears it everytime she watches the movie. She has memorized the entire dance and I'm pretty sure the entire dialouge in the movie. David and I are both ready for a new favorite.

Also, a little over a week later, here is Sydney's grasshead. On Sunday she decided a haircut and I'd have to say that I agree. She loves watching things grow! This month at school they are learning about the parts of a flower and how they grow from seeds. We constantly get to here about how flowers come from seeds. There is nothing like a 3 year old to teach you everything you need to know about flowers.