Lessons we've learned

Lesson #1
You don't need snow or even cold weather to wear everything you own that is meant for winter - just strip down to your undies and hula skirt and they'll feel just fine.

Lesson #2

Dogs will only put up with so much dancing.

All day on Wednesday Sydney carried Grizzly around. Grizzly didn't object, but I can't say she liked it either. She tolerated it and even let Sydney lead her around on a leash most of the day. Wednesday night we were watching our DVR'd episode of American Idol and Sydney decided that Grizzly should dance with her. As you can see, she put up with it for a while. Sydney thought it was hilarious, but then Grizzly got tired of being dragged around by her front paws and started gently gnawing on Sydney's hands to make her let go. After much prompting from her Dad, Sydney finally let go. Then Grizzly jumped in my lap and Sydney thought putting her in the laundry basket would be a better idea. So, she chased the poor dog who again jumped back into my lap. She kept tugging at her and finally, after about 15 minutes of torture, Grizzly nipped her. Sydney cried for 10 minutes although there wasn't even a mark. I'd like to say she learned her lesson, but today she's been chasing Grizzly with the laundry basket again.