St. Louis Trip - Post 1 - Getting There

This is actually a trip we took in August, but we had such a fun time that I have to document it. Really, one day I will print this blog. Someday...

We traveled to St. Louis with the Rownacks (who I still think may be slightly on the crazy side for making arrangements to leave their kids and then agreeing to take ours) so we rode in their minivan (which the kids thought was ultra-cool.)

See, they were just a little excited to leave...if only they knew how much of the day they would really be spending in those carseats.

We took a bag full of toys, books, and crayons (that I was way more concerned with packing than the actual clothing, etc. that we would be wearing.) I do have to say that, along with our "halfway prizes" were the best decisions (and prehaps the only decisions) I made the whole trip.

"We are going to be in the car how long??"

I'm still amazed at Joel's ability to know every QT between here and well, everywhere. It made for very happy Rieske's. 

And if you are wondering what you do when your kid is just plain exhausted with the whole car seat idea, it is this. Pull over, and toss. The kid, not the seat. Works every time!

David decided he could definitely go for this whole chauffeur thing. Anyone for hire??

And, after not too many rounds of "are we there yet" we made it. We dropped the kids off with some friends and we were off to the temple.  What an amazing place! I found some much needed peace and received answers to some things I had been struggling with. And of course, fell in love with my husband all over again. (Happens every time!)